Civil Engineering Services

360 Coders provides a full array of engineering design services at your budget limit.

Construction Drawings

Everything needs to be started from the scratch to have a beautiful finishing, so as your construction drawings. For the best construction drawings contact 360 Coders’ team of experienced designers.

How we work
  • Our designers and engineers execute delicate 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Accurate conversions of your house plans or concept designs.
  • Step-by-step review of the designs with the clients.
  • Aid to the progress of the project, such as approval drawings, shop drawings and steel construction detail drawings.
Construction Drawings

Land Development Design

Land development design

360 Coders will be the perfect choice for creating good quality, usability conscious, aesthetic and environment friendly landscape development designs. The land development design expertise we offer is broad and exclusive.

Our Services includes
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Analysis
  • Commercial Site Design
  • Residential/community development
  • Subdivision projects
  • Retail Projects
  • Landscape Design
  • Storm water Management
  • Hydrology Reports
  • Cover Sheet and Notes Sheet
  • Existing Conditions and Demolition Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Grading Plan and Earthwork Calculations
  • Sediment and Erosion Control Plans – Phase I and II
  • Storm water Management Plans
  • Outfall Analysis
  • Best Management Practices Calculations
  • Utility Plan and Profiles
  • Road profiles
  • Road Design and Sight Distance Plan

Plumbing and Drainage Design

360 Coders caters best class, cost effective and time bound Plumbing and Drainage System design services. We provide customized design services and CAD drawings to numerous clients across various industry verticals, including architects, consulting engineers, developers, contractors and other small firms. Our designs are all inclusive and include drainage layouts, plumbing fixtures, vents, cleanouts and piping for the entire building. We cater to your specific needs by providing customized design and development, construction drawings that are accurate and delivered on-time.

plumbing and drainage design

Electrical & Plumbing Design & Drafting

Electrical plumbing design drafting
Plumbing and Drainage System Design Services for Domestic Systems
  • Designing fixture units for hot and cold water
  • Assigning fixture units to each plumbing fixture according to your usage and applicable codes
  • Converting fixture units to GPM
  • Determining the distance of remote fixtures and the minimum pressure required for them
  • Checking if booster pumps are necessary for domestic water systems
  • Sizing of all individual branches according to the flow requirement and friction loss, which is estimated per 100 ft. from available pressure
  • Selecting and locating fittings like backflow preventers, water hammer arrestor, water pressure regulator etc.
Plumbing and Drainage System Design Services for Domestic Systems
  • Assigning fixture units to each plumbing fixture according to your usage and appropriate codes
  • Sizing sanitary drainage/ vent risers according to the number of fixture units to be carried
  • Determining if sump pumps or sewage ejector pumps are required
  • Estimating the number of sanitary and vent risers
  • Sizing horizontal sanitary drainages and vent runs according to the number of fixture units to be carried, and permissible slope from code
Plumbing and Drainage System Design Services for Storm Water Systems
  • Estimating roof area
  • Determining riser and horizontal run size from rain flow data and applicable codes
  • Designing roof drains, leaders, main stacks, floor drains, floor sinks, sprinkler risers, funnel drains, fire standpipe risers etc., according to the HAVC system design
  • Verifying structural drawings for space conditions affecting the plumbing work
  • Providing necessary pipe spaces, wall thickness, etc
Riser Diagrams/ Typical Enlarged Diagrams
  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Diagram
  • Sanitary Drainage and Vent Diagram
  • Storm Water Drainage Diagram
  • Compressed Air Diagram
  • Fuel/ Medical Gas Diagram
  • Fire Protection Diagram
  • Laboratory/ Radioactive Drainage and Vent Diagram
  • Oral/ Laboratory Vacuum Diagram

Why 360 Coders?

360 Coders provides lasting design and development services with faster turn-around time and better ROI . Hire our expertise developers for your innovative projects.

Our Process Development

We have a unique process set-up for our dedicated designers and developers who ensure seamless communication and smart results.


Initial Discussion

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand your project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis

360 Coders' project proposal solution includes scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Project Approval

Once the project proposal is mutually approved, our best team is deployed on the project.


Contract Signup

Once our developer team is deployed and the processes agreed upon, the project is initiated.


Execution and Delivery

Project execution is done according to the agile sprint plan and reports are shared along with each delivery.

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