Data Management

Organisations pursue business process outsourcing strategy to manage their business data, when their business size expands. We, 360 Coders are here to help you in managing your business data when you run out of support. Outsource our data management service team to get the best service of data management solutions both offline and online data entries like converting hard copy files to soft copy files, documenting legal forms, invoices, vendor and customer information.

Data entry

Every business requires accurate and precise data storage for company’s advancement and competitive response. Whether you have a file or millions of files to compute, we are always open to help you with your requirements with accurate data entry service. At 360 Coders, we assure for accuracy of the information, and rapid work process.

Our data entry service
  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • e-book and e-commerce data entry
  • Image tagging data entry
  • Catalogue data entry
  • Dictionaries and manuals
  • Printed and hand written documents
  • Business surveys and company reports
  • Data capture and extraction
  • Copy paste service
Data entry

Data Conversion

Data convertion

Our company provides a wide range of data conversion service to business of all size. We convert any kind of data, periodicals, reports, journals, catalogues, and financial statements into a well consistent set of desired formats like word, excel, PDF, XML and HTML files at an effective budget limit.

Our data conversion objectives
  • Compiling and formulating data
  • Digitizing data and documenting
  • Data storage in functional format and preventing from loss
  • Expelling irrelevant data
  • Reverse engineering of data
  • Data reuse on requirement
Our data conversion service
  • File conversions
  • Document conversion
  • Document digitizing
  • Electronic data conversion
  • XML conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • Book conversion
  • Word formatting
  • HTML conversion
  • Spreadsheet conversion

Data Processing

Data processing is a must-have in industry of any size in making strategic decisions of your business. 360 Coders process all your volumes of unorganised data and give you the accurate information to your organization. Data management professionals at 30 Coders are able to handle volumes of any size and deliver you the quality work. We employ with input formats like, printed material, photo scans, excel tables or other MS office formats according to your business requirements.

Our data processing service includes
  • Forms processing
  • Survey processing
  • Image processing
  • Check processing
  • Credit processing
  • Transaction processing
  • Order processing
  • Mailing list compilation
  • Market research
  • Database creation
  • Data abstraction and duplication services
Data Processing

Data Mining

Data mining

Data mining is used across distinct industries like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Marketing and so on to identify momentous patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions, and make better business decisions. 360 Coders can help you in outsourcing data mining service and extract valuable information

Our service
  • Data Extraction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Online News and Information Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • To Judge Price Elasticity
  • Data Interpretation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Channel Optimization
  • Spreadsheet Presentations of Extracted Data
  • Data Mining from Twitter and Face book
  • White Pages Data Mining
  • Data Mining from Multimedia Database
  • Data Mining from Websites
  • Data Stream and Sensor Data Mining


360 Coders provides e-publication service to clients including publishers, universities, authors and corporate sales and marketing departments. Our e-pub Conversion service offers entire front-to-back formatting and conversion services of all types. We work on files such as PDF, InDesign, Quark, MS Word into digital formats perfect for any popular electronic device for Nook, iPhone, iPad and e-pub, and PC-based readers like Adobe Digital Editions, Mob pocket and Kindle.

Our e-pub service includes
  • Scan and digitize them into e-pub format
  • Content links to proper pages
  • Image scanning and resizing for multiple formats
  • Conversion for MS Word and PDF files
  • Conversion of one e-book to another
  • Renumbering of pages

E-Commerce data management

E-commerce data management

360 Coders provides e-commerce data entry service creating a controlled and organized database for maintaining inventory and product information across e-Commerce sites. We offer a full functioning and structured database streamline purchasing process for customers and enables faster search results throughout e-commerce websites. We also keep your e-commerce website updated with new information, brand product offerings, changing inventory levels, events and sales to hike up your customer views and product sales.

Property data management

360 Coders handle comprehensive client data and back office data management services understanding the challenges of real estate business and client’s requirements. Our property experts render their utmost care of property maintenance and ensure your trust among your tenants and key stakeholders. We have our expertise to meet all your demands of rental property management, professional property management, commercial property management and residential property management

Property data management

Why 360 Coders?

360 Coders provides lasting design and development services with faster turn-around time and better ROI . Hire our expertise developers for your innovative projects.

Our Process Development

We have a unique process set-up for our dedicated designers and developers who ensure seamless communication and smart results.


Initial Discussion

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand your project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis

360 Coders' project proposal solution includes scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Project Approval

Once the project proposal is mutually approved, our best team is deployed on the project.


Contract Signup

Once our developer team is deployed and the processes agreed upon, the project is initiated.


Execution and Delivery

Project execution is done according to the agile sprint plan and reports are shared along with each delivery.

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