2D & 3D Animation

Animation is a field of art and science that has the ability to renovate life and fervor to non-living characters. You may have stories for the world to hear, and you know pictures speaks louder than words so, we create 2D and 3D motion pictures to help you in letting the stories out. 360 Coders offers stylistic, low bandwidth logo designs, character creations, web interface designs, icons, image editing, and 2D explainer videos using2D animation or 3D animation.

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2D Animation- motion graphics

Our 2D designers are capable of giving life to your ideas of no matter what the project size and designs are. We use the latest version of tools and advanced animation techniques. Our specialist 2D designers works on analog computer animation, power points, flash and animate CC for logos, banners, movies, educational materials, games, presentations and more. We also develop vector graphics, bitmaps and flash designs for websites and presentations.


3D modeling

3d Modeling

3D conceptual model can apparently communicate your innovative perception or imagination and gives the image a splendid frame. With our novel technology and highly equipped team, the innovative methodology works out well in creating stylistic 3D models -furnishing your imagination in realistic feature. We work with television, marketing tools, product demos, website animations, video games, feature films and presentations.

Our 3D Modeling services
  • Product design
  • Product modeling
  • 3D character modeling
  • Skeletal Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Cell-Shaded Animation
  • Morph Targeted Animation

Logo Animation

Do you think of animating your logo? Well you are already creative! And we are here to bring your creativity to visual art. Animating your logo can enhance the aesthetic beauty to it, resulting in escalating brand identity. At 360 Coders, logo animation service involves profound thinking and, proposed solution is consistent for our clients.

Our logo animation service extends to
  • Flash logo animation
  • 2D logo animation
  • 3D logo animation
  • After effects logo animation
  • Corporate logo animation
logo animation

Character creation

character creation

Character plays an important role not only for any human but also for any film or game. The color choice for those characters is equivalent to creating the characters. The best choice of color and perfection attracts the viewers. Our designers are creative enough in developing realistic characters for your business requirement. 360 Coders aspires its clients’ satisfaction so we never compromise with perfection.

We are equipped in creating
  • Video Game Character
  • Cartoon Character

Storyboard creation

Storyboard is most important when developing a film or an interactive web. It gives a clear idea of how the finished product will look like. We offer inclusive active, passive and interactive storyboard development services with animated and cartoon storyboarding.

We work with
  • Thumbnail storyboard
  • Floating storyboard
  • Framed storyboard
  • Photo storyboard
  • Animated storyboard
  • Film storyboard
  • Cartoon storyboard
storyboard creation

Why 360 Coders?

360 Coders provides lasting design and development services with faster turn-around time and better ROI . Hire our expertise developers for your innovative projects.

Our Process Development

We have a unique process set-up for our dedicated designers and developers who ensure seamless communication and smart results.


Initial Discussion

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand your project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis

360 Coders' project proposal solution includes scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Project Approval

Once the project proposal is mutually approved, our best team is deployed on the project.


Contract Signup

Once our developer team is deployed and the processes agreed upon, the project is initiated.


Execution and Delivery

Project execution is done according to the agile sprint plan and reports are shared along with each delivery.

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