Image Editing

Image editing is a fine-tuning process of the designs created. 360 Coders is a prolific outsourcing and off-shore servicing company providing you classy image editing services at an affordable cost. Business ventures like real estates, e-commerce, photography, travel etc. have a high need of image editing for attractive and elegant images on their walls. 360 Coders is much more aware of your business need and requirements so we deliver you only the refined work.

Image Clipping

360 Coders serves with images that are attractive, precise for the business enterprises that deal in real estate, e-commerce travel etc. on web. With ample experience in image editing, you find 360 Coders as the best choice for image clipping services

How 360 Coders’ image clipping services helps you in enhancing your productivity
  • Renovate the basic aspect of image editing to minimal cost, high production center
  • Our photographers, visualizers and art directors and senior editors works for more value added design services
  • Whether 100 images or 100 thousand images, our operational partner will never get tired to tailor delivery graph to your new business needs.
  • Experts of advanced and cutting-edge techniques and tools for image clipping.
Our image editing includes the following process
  • Background Removal
  • Text Isolation
  • Clip Smooth or Straight Edges
  • Clipping of Complex Images
  • Natural Drop Shadow
  • Mirror Reflection
image clipping

Real Estate Photo Editing

real estate photo editing

360 Coders provides access to offshore real estate photo editing support to expand productivity and financial output. Our professionals are highly flexible and are experts in editing both commercial and residential property images, floor plan photography and 3D visualizations.

Our Skill sets on Real Estate Photo Editing are
  • We have outstanding experience with all photo editing tools like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Light room.
  • Our image editors have a combined experience with color composition, image processing, and image enhancement.
  • We give you flawless realistic images using RGB/CMYK formats.
  • Experts in refining frequent shoot-related flaws like under and over exposure adjustments, removal of photographer or flash light reflective.
  • Skilled in virtual object additions and removals
  • Correcting rough and patchy warps allied to vertical and horizontal perspectives of real estate images
  • Day to dusk property image conversions
  • 2D and 3D floor plan conversions
  • Efficient in handling batch editing for sets of similar images
  • Automate technical processes (export, resize, etc.) and logistic processes (renaming, folder management, etc.)
  • Advanced editing techniques including path clipping, photo cutout, photo restoration, photo retouching, image vectorization, and image illustration
  • Flawless assimilation of watermarks, logos and annotations
  • Content enhancement - editors are adept in creating GIF’s, cinema graph, and videos from still photographs

Image Manipulation

Any photograph will convey something to its observer, let your's convey your perspective. At 360 Coders, Unexpected blemishes, lighting problems and other issues can be worked out. To hire experts for your image manipulation service, visit us today to know

what we offer
  • Auto Image manipulation
  • Artistic Conversions
  • People Insertion
  • Red Eye and Eye Color
  • Background Replacement
  • Cropping and Enlarging
  • Edge Removal
  • Object Removal/Placement
  • Spot/Wrinkle Removal
  • Watermarking
image manipulation

Cinematography Poster Creation

cinematographer poster creation

360 Coders’ professionals help organizations of all sizes to obtain impressive cinematography creations. Our Cinematography designers help you in marketing drives to be spot and distinguish from others by employing unique style in the work processes like

Our work processes like
  • Digital billboards
  • Demonstrations and product photos
  • Webpage headers
  • Social media posts
  • Cinematograph Editing
  • Cinematograph Trimming
  • Cinematograph Looping

360 Coders’ cinematography creation team also designs customized cinematograph for your digital marketing promotions and helps you craft social media posts and other web content posts that will be more liable to be shared among viewers. We do creating, masking, editing, looping, trimming, filtering and compressing services.

Portrait Enhancement

As years pass by, the real life relationship becomes a mere memory and, those memories lie in the photographs that we own even after decades. To have a pleasing remembrance, we make our photographs appealing by fine-tuning all the remarks in it. For professionals, 360 Coders’ is the best choice as our experts leave a striking image enhancement. The magical hands of our editors beautify your business products to look more realistic that your customers even feel it before they have it in real.

We remodel your original image into appealing one by editing, air brushing, portrait restoration, skin retouching, background removal, natural shadow effects, high end retouching, photo montage and exposure correction.

Some of our other portrait enhancement services are- Defect removal, cropping, enhanced focus, color adjustment, specific portrait adjustment, black and white moderation, and sepia, vignettes, and canvas conversion.

portrait enhancement

Why 360 Coders?

360 Coders provides lasting design and development services with faster turn-around time and better ROI . Hire our expertise developers for your innovative projects.

Our Process Development

We have a unique process set-up for our dedicated designers and developers who ensure seamless communication and smart results.


Initial Discussion

Our inside sales team initiates a call to understand your project in detail, along with budgetary constraints.


Project Analysis

360 Coders' project proposal solution includes scope, product backlog and the iterations on the project.


Project Approval

Once the project proposal is mutually approved, our best team is deployed on the project.


Contract Signup

Once our developer team is deployed and the processes agreed upon, the project is initiated.


Execution and Delivery

Project execution is done according to the agile sprint plan and reports are shared along with each delivery.

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