At 360 Coders, we deliver timely, defined, consistent and cost-effective transcription solutions to meet your requirements by a team of experienced and passionate professionals committed to client service. We support you with legal, medical, media and business transcription services with audio and video content at your highest expectations. We can handle multiple-person meeting minutes, interviews, training sessions, seminars and conference proceedings.

General transcription

In this pressurized world you might be busy round the clock to document all your details, but we are not! Professionals at 360 Coders help you in transcript your rough draft data which is in text, voice and video into digital text format.

We offer a wide range of general transcription services regardless of your professional industry whether its music, real estate, seminars, publishing, interviews, insurance, and university transcriptions.

General transcription

Music transcription

Music transcription

Music knows no language but it’s a universal feel and its main purpose is to bring out the sense in the lyrics and the feel that a writer holds, in the script. Here at 360 Coders, the specialized team transcribes, restructure detailed, complex musical scores, reconstructing the melodies, orchestration, and notes of the recorded source sounding virtually identical.

Real estate Transcription

Paperwork is foremost in property planning and management. At 360 Coders, we assist you with paperwork for building construction, legal matters and related documents with diligence.

The property transcription services we offer
  • Construction Transcription
  • Engineering Transcription
  • Survey Transcription
  • Realtor Transcription
  • Property-Related Legal Transcription
Real estate transcription

Seminar Transcription

Seminar transcription

Though seminars are of useful stuffs, we tend to distract at certain point, so it’s always better to have a recorded or written scripts. For your ease, we transcript audio recordings, text formats as documents for your future reference. .

Services we offer
  • Training seminars
  • Business seminars
  • Educational seminars
  • Religious seminars

Book transcription

As new technologies arise every day, so as books. And writing a book is not so easy like reading it, and so we help those authors by transcribing their dictations into documents. Our professionals ensure of flawless transcriptions of your recordings.

Book transcription

Interview transcription

Interview transcription

Interview transcription service is one of the most in-demand types of transcription, converting audio or video into text format. At 360 Coders, we provide highly precise interview transcriptions with quick turnaround time. We convert audiOS and videos of any format such as digital and non-digital formats into text

Our services
  • Webcast interview transcription
  • Business interview transcription
  • University interview transcription

Insurance transcription

At 360 Coders, we are specialized in monitoring, tracking and transcribing audio and video records for insurance related processes. We have our experts to help you transcribe your audio/video recordings as part of its insurance transcription services. We pride ourselves on the service we render our client’ of various business size by professionals

Our services
  • Client Testimony
  • Medical Claims
  • Investigator Data
  • Claims Adjusters
  • Third Party Administrators
Insurance transcription

University transcription

University transcription

We help you with transcription of recordings of university lectures, seminars, and research presentations. Through our service we afford you in transcribing audio, video recordings of lectures, seminars, presentations to text document.

University Transcription Services We Offer
  • Seminar & Symposium Transcription
  • Thesis Transcription
  • Lecture Transcription

Media Transcription

Media companies and journalists can hire us to have crisp and precise transcripts of their requirements. Our media transcription services are of audio-visual media content, interview recordings, public forums, press conferences, webcasts, feature reports and documentary features for media, production companies, and television networks

Our services
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Audio visual content
  • TV news subtitles
  • Television broadcasts
  • News stories, featured reports and documentaries
Media transcription

Audio transcription

Audio transcription

360 Coders offers a wide range of audio transcription services for professionals of diverse industries, lectures, sermons, oral histories, voicemail recording, podcasts, online data, and academic content. Our team of professionals serves you with precise and blunder-free transcription regarding to your requirement.

Our services
  • Lecture transcription
  • Lecture Transcription Services We Offer
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Seminars & Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Media Briefings

Video Transcription

360 Coders offers a wide range of audio transcription services for professionals of diverse industries, subtitles, advertisements, conferences, surveillance recordings, television programs, animations, webinars, and more. Our team of professionals serves you with precise and blunder-free transcription regarding to your requirement.

Video Transcription Services We Offer
  • Interviews
  • Academic videos
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conference proceedings
  • Legal material
  • Documentaries
  • Educational videos/materials
  • Corporate training videos
Video transcription

Business Transcription

Business transcription

360 Coders offers you scrupulous transcriptions of business meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews and market plans. We pride ourselves on our faster turnaround time delivery and quality service. Our specialized team supports you with24/7 transcription service.

We offer
  • Video or Audio Webcasts of Quarterly Earnings Calls
  • Analysts Calls
  • Investor Conferences
  • Product Launch Conferences
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Conferences
  • Dictations
  • Board and business meetings

Medical transcription

Our experienced medical transcriptionists handle from basic to complex transcriptions of all types and sizes of medical transcriptions to hospitals, clinics, physician practices and healthcare institutions. Accuracy, Quality and On-Time delivery is our principle and ours.

Medical transcription

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